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Immersive Engineering - A world of possibilities.
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What we do

We create groundbreaking digital experiences that feel as real as the physical world. Our expertise serves a broad range of industries—from construction and real estate to your energy providers and defense forces.

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Curious? Take the first step into a new reality. Discover how we're making the impossible, possible.

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Don't know what VR or AR means? No worries! Think of it as a bridge between the digital and physical world—making your computer screen a thing of the past.

All-In-One Solution

We offer a complete package, so you don't have to sweat the small stuff. Just tell us your challenge, and we'll solve it.

Development & Management

From the drawing board to the real world, we manage the entire process to bring your virtual needs to life.

White-Labeling Services

Looking to offer immersive technology under your brand? We provide white-label solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your business,


We help you understand what immersive tech can do for you, and how it can benefit your business or project.

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Augmented Reality

At Immersive Engineering, we introduce the magic of Augmented Reality (AR) to the industres we serve. Think of AR as a bridge between what's real and what's digital. With our expertise, technical manuals and design models come alive, layering digital details right before your eyes. This not only makes understanding complex concepts easier but also enriches training sessions and brings designs to life in an intuitive manner. Dive into the next level of technical visualisation with us.

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Design Visualisation

Overlay planned designs onto physical spaces for clarity in planning.

a person sitting at a desk with a laptop and another person wearing a virtual reality headset.

Remote Collaboration

Provide real-time guidance on project sites through AR.

a person wearing virtual reality glasses holding a cube

Worker Training

Virtual hands-on training with AR ensures workers learn faster.

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Digital Manuals

Quickly view and identify technical details for efficient repairs and maintenace.

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Virtual Reality

At Immersive Engineering, we bring the marvel of Virtual Reality (VR) to the forefront of industrial applications. Imagine being able to step inside your designs or technical models as if they were real, tangible places. With VR, that's precisely what we offer. It's like taking a guided tour through your project, experiencing every detail up close. This approach simplifies complex designs and provides a firsthand experience like no other. Join us to explore your projects in a whole new dimension.

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Design Review

Dive deep into 3D design models for thorough analysis.

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Immersive Rooms

Allow stakeholders to experience spaces before they're built

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Train teams in virtual environments to prepare for real-world scenarios.

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Site Planning

Virtually tour and arrange project sites for effective planning

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3D Models

At Immersive Engineering, we harness the power of 3D modeling to bring your technical projects to life. Picture turning your ideas and designs into three-dimensional objects you can almost touch, rotate, and examine from every angle. Our 3D models make complex technical concepts easy to grasp, offering a tangible perspective on your projects. Dive into a detailed, interactive representation and see your work from a fresh viewpoint.

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Design Optimisation

Bring designs to life, ensuring all stakeholders align on the final vision.

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Problem Prevention

Predict and address potential issues before starting a project.

a calculator and a stack of paper with a dollar sign on it

Cost Estimation

Generate accurate material and labor estimates based on the model's data.

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Integrate With VR/AR

Seamlessly integrate 3D models into augmented and virtual reality platforms for enhanced user experience.

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We believe that the right technology stack is the backbone of any successful immersive solution. Our choice of technologies is driven by scalability, performance, and reliability, ensuring that we deliver only the best for our clients across diverse industries.


  • High-Performance GPUs: To render realistic and intricate environments in real-time.
  • Haptic Feedback Devices: For a tactile and interactive user experience.
  • 3D Spatial Audio Systems: To deliver high-fidelity sound that elevates the immersive experience.


  • Unity & Unreal Engine: For versatile and high-quality application development.
  • WebXR & A-Frame: To extend immersive experiences to the web, making them accessible and platform-agnostic.
  • C++ & Python: For custom solutions and backend support.


  • Photon Engine: Enabling real-time multiplayer interaction in virtual spaces.
  • SpatialOS: For creating complex and persistent virtual worlds.


AWS Sumerian & Azure Mixed Reality Services: For scalable and secure data management.

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Immersive room experience
Haptic feedback device and vr headset.
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For as long as we can remember, we've been pioneering the way we interact with technology. We make things that were once the stuff of science fiction a reality for businesses and institutions like yours.

Our team isn't just tech-savvy—they're visionaries who want to change the way the world works, plays, and learns.

We're here to simplify the complex, making advanced technology accessible and beneficial for all.

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Our team at Immersive Engineering is a unique blend of experts from fields like mechanical engineering, quantity surveying, construction management, civil engineering, and real estate. Coming from the very industries we serve, we not only bring specialized technical skills but also a deep understanding of our clients' unique needs. This enables us to deliver bespoke immersive solutions, from AR to XR, that truly transform the industries we serve.

Description: a group of soldiers are being pulled up by a helicopter.

Aerospace & Defense

construction cranes on a construction site at sunset


a row of modern townhouses in a residential area

Real Estate

a group of wind turbines in the middle of a forest


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Vision and Mission Statements

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way the world interacts with technology by creating immersive experiences that bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms, enabling a more efficient, safe, and transformative future.

Our Mission

To lead in creating cutting-edge immersive technologies for diverse industries, empowering organizations to elevate their operations through innovative solutions.

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Contact Information

5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AN, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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